Rome – Artisans of the Monti district

Wander the narrow backstreets of Rome’s Monti district and discover a new breed of talented, female artisans, creating innovative, contemporary designs from ancient, artisanal techniques.

Botteghe or workshops with mosaics, candles, wrought iron, glass and jewellery designs, textiles and clothing, line the alleyways and piazzas of this hip quarter, a few minutes stroll from the Colosseum.

Here are a few photos from the shoot that were featured in  Italianicious magazine  May/June issue:

Story by Rome based journalist – Isobel Lee

Artisans of Monti 0513page1_Page_1Artisans of Monti 0513page1_Page_3Atisan workshop and showroom 'Argentia' by Roberta Roselli.  Sculptured pieces of hand made jewlry, in the artisan district of Monti, Rome, ItalyStudio Cassio in Via Urbana, Monti - for over 100 years the Cassio family has been creating and restoring Mosaics for the Vatican, churches, museums and private villas all over Italy.Hand crafted candles at The Candle Store  ('La Casa della Luce'), by Andrea Moraes. Sculptured candles and candelabra, in the artisan district of Monti, Rome, Italy_DSC2446_DSC9458

Mother and child walking on cobbled stoned street in the historic quarter of Monti, Rome, Italy

List of Artisans featured in this article:

La Casa della Luce

Studio Silice


Studio Cassio

Photos and words © Susan Wright

Editorial, portrait, travel and lifestyle photographer, Rome, Italy

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