Lubriano Infiorata – spring flower festival

I’ve always wanted to participate in an Italian Infiorata (flower festival) and this past weekend I was lucky enough to experience this spectacular visual treat.

Lubriano, a small medieval village north of Rome, celebrates the Festa della Modonna del Poggio, every spring with the laying of millions of flower petals, followed by a religious procession.

The community; young and old, join in the spirit of the festival gathering flowers and herbs from village gardens and surrounding farms and countryside, days prior to the infiorata.

This special Sunday in late spring, begins early for many locals, with just a few hours to create and perfect their floral street art, in time for the 11.00 am procession.

The myriad or colourful petals and herbs fills the air with a delicious fragrance.

Within a few hours the main street is transformed into a floral fairy-tale.  Angels, doves, madonnas, stars, love hearts and rainbows, are joined together in one gigantic, winding stretch of street art, from one end of the village to the other.




The procession takes place between the churches of San Giovanni Battista to the seventeenth-century Chapel of Santa Maria del Poggio and within an hour, it is all over.  A frenetic scurry of brooms and buckets rapidly cleaning up every last trace of the labour intensive display within a matter of minutes.

Photos and words © Susan Wright

Travel, portrait and editorial photographer, Rome, Italy

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