Rome’s cascading rose petal ceremony

To behold the architectural marvel of Rome’s magnificent Pantheon, is truly something, but to experience this with a million rose petals cascading down from the centre oculus ….. well words simply can not describe!

Rome, Pantheon, Roses, Susan Wright Photographer, Rome ItalyRome, Pantheon, Roses, Susan Wright Photographer, Rome Italy

This spectacular ceremony of showering rose petals is held on Pentecost Sunday and symbolises the descending Holy Spirit.

After the hour long mass, the first few petals begin to appear streaming down from the bright light entering the 43.3 meter high oculus. The crowd of several hundred spectators gazing from beneath become silent. For several minutes the rose petals stream down from above and the only sound for the duration of the performance being the petals striking the hard marble floor. As the last few rose petals fall, there is an overwhelming sigh from the crowd.

_DSC3005_DSC3030Rome, Pantheon, Roses, Susan Wright Photographer, Rome Italy

If you happen to be in Rome for the Pentecost celebration, don’t miss this unforgettable experience!

Photos from this ceremony appearing in my book ‘Rome Secrets’.

Words and photos © Susan Wright

Pentecost Sunday, Pantheon, Rome, Italy

Travel, portrait and editorial photographer, Rome, Italy

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