Artisans of Florence

I love stepping off the train at Firenze Santa Maria Novella, the central railway station in Florence.

There is such a wonderful vibe you feel upon arrival, which is almost tangible. The beauty, art, history and romance is everywhere!

It is no wonder Florence is one of the most popular destinations to visit for tourists coming to Italy.

This ever increasing popularity and mass tourism, is not seen as such a favourable trend for some however.

Artisans of Florence, tools of the trade

The artigiani (artisans) and their botteghe (workshops) are disappearing at a rapid rate due to the increasing demands of valuable real estate within the historic centre.

Workshops, that over the centuries have created exquisite, hand-crafted products that were commissioned by nobility, are now making way for an influx of new b&bs and budget accommodation.

Artisans of FlorenceArtisans of Florence

This once thriving industry, which over the centuries has been vital to the culture and community of Florence is vanishing.

In the Santo Spirito area by the River Arno, I met and photographed three of the remaining few artisans, a bookbinder, violinmaker and wood carver. Erico Giannini, Aldo Santini and Luigi Mecocci.

Artisans of FlorenceArtisans of Florence

View photos of these artisans from my Italy Stock Archive

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