Venetian Mask Makers

Walking along the back alleys and enchanting piazzas of Venice, it is easy to imagine this mesmerizing city in the days of the elaborate Renaissance and the extravagant celebrations of the lavish Carnivale.

Today, Venice paints a far different picture of crumbling grandeur and mass tourism. However in tiny botteghe (workshops) across the city, a select few master craftsman, inspired by the opulent renaissance period, continue with the ancient artisan craft of mask making.

Magical, mystical masks and marionettes gaze from shop windows enchanting crowds of tourists and passersby.

Here is a selection of photos that appeared in a recent article, with mask makers Alberto Sarria and Mario Belloni of Ca Macana.

View more images by clicking on the link above.

Photos and Words © Susan Wright Photography

Editorial and Portrait Photographer, Rome, Italy

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